Portuguese technology company, with a bold and daring spirit, founded in november 2009 by two young portuguese engineers. Currently present in Portugal with offices in Aveiro, Lisbon and Porto, and in Brasil in São Paulo. With around 500 employees, and a people-centred culture, BOLD’s teams stand out due their proximity and collaboration. The organisation’s prime mission and focus is technology, developed and sustained by its competence centres and the outsourcing unit. In 2016 the company obtained a turnover of around 15 milion euros, which represents a 38% growth regarding the previous year.

Part of the BOLD International group are six competence centres, each specialised in a specific area, these are Carbon – creating mobility solutions; Diamond – for digital strategy; Neos - for infrastructure and system administration; Techsensys – working with IoT (Internet of Things); Collide – that develops videogames and digital storytelling and Outfit – specialized in developing with OutSystems technology.