Abc Technology

Created in 2008, the ABC Technology was born in a small office in Tatuapé, as a Technology Consulting company specialized in supplying and Integration Solutions and Projects across multiple platforms. Over those five years the ABC has been strengthening its DNA expertise Technological innovations solutions and maintaining partnerships that add value to its customers.

With the Mission "Always be updated in relation to new technologies, tools and methodologies available for the Process Automation segment Systemic and Mechanics in Academic and Professional level, following the trends and developing innovative technologies. Providing our customers and partners, full support from the understanding of a need, the design of a solution, development, implementation, training and support during its operational life, with agility, safety and service excellence. "​. With a history of having participated directly and indirectly in the implementation of more than a few hundred projects in various technology platforms and keeping the focus on excellence and satisfaction of its clients, Abc Technology reached in these first five years of existence a real growth more than 500%.